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Prosperity Solutions (Pvt) Limited

Prosperity Solutions (Pvt) Limited – Prosperity smart card is a Premium Product of Prosperity Solutions Pvt. Ltd. It is designed for both Individual and Corporate clients. Prosperity Solutions is one of the best services organization in the region, offering a composite suite of Marketing and Consultancy Services registered and licensed by Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP).

As a qualified professional, Prosperity Solutions is a company you can trust and as an independent organization, free from ties to a particular Brand or Company, we can meet your needs with carefully selected solutions from the world’s foremost successful organizations.

Prosperity Solutions has over 350 qualified professionals and is actively supported by over 105 dedicated and qualified management and support staff globally offering a broad range of services in all the dimensions. The company was established in 2000 in Pakistan and working successfully globally in various sectors i.e Communications, Direct Marketing, Product Promotions, Branding, Business Consultancy, Immigration Consultancy, IT Solutions etc. The company has an extensive experience worldwide including United Kingdom and UAE to underpin a professional and quality level of services to our clients.

We are licensed and registered with the SECP (Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan), UID No: 0127752.

Our Vision

Prosperity Solutions strives to be a highly respected and recognized services brand. Based in Pakistan, but with global reach, it will offer composite multiple services and solutions to meet individual and corporate needs.

Our Mission

At Prosperity Solutions we strive to deliver bespoke services and solutions to meet the needs of our customers, whether individual or commercial. We do this on the basis of uberrimae fides based on strong, lasting personal relationships with a high net worth focus. With a well developed high standard quality services.


We believe our primary responsibility is to the individuals and corporate customers who place their trust in us to provide the most appropriate services and solutions to meet their needs. Strong personal relationships are at the core of our business model and the maintenance of the highest standards of compliance, integrity and honesty is key to our success.

Through association with a class-leading panel of clients, and a commitment to provide our staff with leading-edge technical, service and training support, we have the confidence that we offer the best possible bespoke solutions.

We have a responsibility to our employees, recognizing their value and contribution at every level of our business. They should feel empowered to act on behalf of Prosperity Solutions and at the same time recognize the responsibility that this brings. We should provide appropriate IT, training, infrastructure and medical support concomitant with staff functions and maintain transparent procedures for their well-being and HR requirements.

We must deliver equal opportunities and enable advancement and wealth creation to the mutual benefit of the staff and the company. We should strive to be transparent, informative and inclusive so that united as one body, we can grow ‘in good faith’ with our clients.

We have a responsibility to the community in which we operate. We acknowledge our responsibility to play our part in developing the Outsourcing, IT and Marketing industry of Pakistan, and as we expand, we do so as the best of ambassadors. We take with us the highest operating standards synonymous with the Prosperity Solutions brand.

We help the communities amongst which we operate and through strategic partnerships, selected through open and inclusive debate with our staff, we play our part to help others. This recognition of the need to be good global citizens reflects our multi-cultural composition and the founder’s overriding intent that Prosperity Solutions represents a force for good.

Prosperity Solutions (Pvt) Limited always ahead.

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