Student Cards

It’s no Secret ,enrolling students is critical to every school’s existence, without students any school simply couldn’t function and greater number of students the greater the chance your school has for making an impact in your community. There are several options to increase the number of students using different sources but they all involve a certain cost. Most common options are Marketing and Advertising on Print and Electronic Media etc. Whereas, Prosperity Card would cost you nothing and gives you an extra- ordinary opportunity to standout among your competitors and buy the loyalty of your students.

Key Features

Identity Card:
Front of Card shows the school’s name and logo with the design of own choice with the student information.

Upto 50% Discounts for the whole family on hundreds of Local and International brands nationwide. (Shopping, Travelling, Entertainment, Restaurants & Hotels etc)

Education Security:
Student Card guarantees the education of your student in your school till the last standard available in case of student’s father/guardian Death .The school will take a responsibility to continue the student’s education for free because in this scenario the school will receive a lump sum death claim as a beneficiary from the insurance company.

Health Insurance of a student can be added as an optional benefit.