Why One Should Buy Prosperity Card?

Why One Should Buy Prosperity Card??
Prosperity Card is a smart card which is exclusively design to benefit all of its user by giving them amazing discounts on daily expenditure and also provide a great protection value against major hazards of life.
What are the Important Features of Prosperity Card?
Prosperity Smart cards offer discounts upto 50% for you and your whole family on different kind of Local and International Brands for Shopping, Travelling, Health, Entertainment, Restaurants, and Hotels etc.
Takaful Coverage
It offers you Takaful Coverage upto two million rupees against Natural Death, Accidental Death and Permanent Total Disability.
Medical Coverage
Offering Accidental Medical Reimbursement and Health Insurance.
Prosperity Corporate Cards
1) Employee Card
Prosperity cards offer employee benefit program for the first time in pakistan, now any business firm as small as with 10 employees can avail this exclusive offer upto 50% discount on Shopping, Travelling, Health, Entertainment, Restaurants, and Hotels.
A survey report shows that 75% employee prefer to have a benefit program rather than cash or allowances. Employee benefit program will help you to
1)Recruit and retain best talent
2)Enhance productivity of Employee
3)Make good impact on society
4)To standout among your competitors.
5)To comply with the Government requirements of employee insurance
2)Prosperity Student Card
it’s no secret enrolling student in this era is very difficult and without students no school simply couldn’t function properly and greater the number of student will increase your chance to standout and make a good impact on community. Prosperity Student card helps you increase the number of students and it costs you nothing and gives you an extra-ordinary opportunity to standout among your competitors.
Education Security:
Student card guarantees the education of student in school till the last standard in case of student’s father/guardian Death. The School will take responsibility to make sure student’s education for free. In this case school will get lump sum death claim as a beneficiary.
Now Student can enjoy amazing discounts upto 50% off on local and international brands (Shopping, Travelling, Health, Entertainment, Restaurants, and Hotels).

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